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Q: What is the actual shipping cost?

A: Due to various sizes and weights of the products, our system cannot automatically calculate the shipping cost yet. We have to manually calculate the shipping cost based on weight and destination.


Q: Is there an issue that cause your system doesn't seem to recognize Canadian Billing Address.

A: Here’s a tip from MasterCard Canada:

Step 1. Take the three numbers in your postal code.
Step2. Add two zeros to the end.
Step 3. Use this number if they ask you for your U.S. Zip code.

For Example:
A2B3C4 + 00 —> 23400


Q: Why does it say $20/$30/$40/$50/$60/$75/$100 for the shipping cost? Am I getting charged this amount when I placed the order?

A: The amount are "Authorized" but not yet charged. Your card will not be charged until we calculate the shipping cost. We will adjust the amount on your invoice.