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Amidon was started in 1963 by William Amidon for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Ham Radio Community. Because of our attention to customer needs and our strict quality standards, Amidon has grown steadily every year.

Today Amidon serves a large corporate customer base and is a leading distributor of ferrites, iron powder cores, and inductors, however we are still one of the few companies in our industry that is committed to supplying the ham community with the parts they need for RF shielding, balun antennas, and power supplies.

Operated as a family-oriented business we believe in providing the same level of attention and care to large corporate orders and small individual orders. As a franchised distributor of Ferrishield, Ferronics, and many others we are able to meet almost any RF Shielding, inductor, or ferrite core need.

In addition, Amidon parts are carried through many vendors world-wide and we are able to ship directly to virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us today with your ferrite needs and see how Amidon can help you.